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About Hatchers

We are a company that connects LATAM technology professionals who are looking mainly for remote opportunities that generates them a secure income stream with companies in the need of software developments. We are generators of new opportunities.
We manage full-time, part-time, hourly, and project-based talent. This is how we adjust to the needs of each company according to their budget and urgency to integrate highly talented professionals.
Mainly technology professionals in +20 technologies such as Front, Back, and Full Stack Engineers. Testers, UX/UI Designers, DevOps, Business Analysts, Agile Coach, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Support. Software related specialists such as Salesforce, Mulesoft, Vlocity, SAP, RPA (UiPath, AA, Blue Prism) and even Presales, Sales, and others.
Our focus is to help companies that require top LATAM technology talent to develop specific tasks for projects and/or hire them as Full Time Employees. We help professionals to generate more income and new opportunities. We have talent that want opportunities to reach them without looking for them.
We connect talent with specific requirements of important companies with tech projects that require specialized personnel, while working remotely from LATAM.
Our mission is to generate more sources of employment and higher income for people who work on technology projects. Our goal is to promote more talent and tech developments to encourage the digital transformation of Mexican, US, & Canadian companies helping them to increase their competitiveness.

Our vision is to be the leading technology talent placement company in LATAM and the go to company to help companies to generate their tech developments through our Hatchers community.


With us, companies gain access to a big LATAM talent pool of software engineers and related candidates such as testers, designers, business analysts, Scrum Masters, and others. You can quickly locate and hire talent for full-time, part-time, hourly, or even for a per project basis. It all depends on your hiring needs. We support you throughout the process from the initial requirements and all the way to a successful integration. In some cases, we even give follow up months after their integration.
We specialize in Headhunting Services (National & International) with highly competitive rates. We place talent under Full Time, Part Time, Hourly , and Fixed Rate contracts on a specific project. We provide follow-up from the initial requirements all the way to the candidate’s integration to a project or job opportunity. We carry out technical interviews for engineers, psychometric tests, and employment background investigations if required for best screening purposes. We offer consulting services to shape your IT recruitment processes. We also generate on-demand trainings for your external & internal teams of software engineers in emerging technologies through custom-designed courses. We got you back on all your tech talent needs to skyrocket your productivity.
We back all contracts that are made through us. For full-time employee contracts, we offer a 3-month guarantee or we will give your money back if the candidate leaves on its own. For on-demand projects or different hiring methods we provide assistance for any issue that might require any mediation among the parties in order to avoid any economic loss.
  • Cut costs through Nearshore LATAM Talent.
  • Quickly increase your team with on-site and/or remote talent.
  • Skyrocket your productivity through rapid integration of hard-to-find talent.
  • Full Time & On-demand (per hour, part time, project) hiring.
  • Quick access to great prevetted external LATAM expertise.
  • Recruitment of international candidates.
  • Experience changes in the work culture through multicultural experiences.
  • Hatchers Guarantee: The great talent you need that meets your budget.
Fill out our contact form with your information. Understanding your requirements, we will contact you and send you candidates as soon as possible to start the interview process. The process will follow your company hiring standards. Choose the ideal candidate and let’s get to work.
We are a company with a “Remote First” culture. However, our headquarters is located in the city of Monterrey, Mexico from where we provide services to companies in Mexico, US, & Canada.
In Hatchers we help you with any mediation process. We will help you solve any uncomfortable situation that may arise between both parties to avoid any economic loss. We've got you covered.


Unlike other platforms, Hatchers is LATAM a based company and we empower companies to search for the talent they need instead of only choosing them form a pool of applicants. We value skills over anything else.
  • You find opportunities under different hiring models according to your interests. Full time, part time, per hour basis and/or per project.
  • Opportunities usually come to you without you having to search for them.
  • We grant you free access to international opportunities.
Most of our opportunities are remote and offered by companies mainly in Mexico, United Stated, and Canada. It doesn’t matter which country in LATAM are you living in. Currently, our main users are in Mexico but we are looking to expand shortly our users in LATAM.
  1. Register in our website and have your most updated information.
  2. When a new opportunity according to your profile and interest arrives, we will contact you.
  3. Have an interview with the company.
  4. Discuss an economic proposal and accept it.
  5. Let's get to work!
It all depends on your experience and time availability. We do not sacrifice the value of your skills. We always try to offer the right income for your skills set and professional experience.
Each company has its own hiring process. However, with your information we can help you get into more interviews with companies that are looking for candidates similar to you.
It all depends on the type of contract and the economic proposal. These aspects are discussed during the negotiation process for each opportunity. Before starting, the final proposal is reaffirmed by both parties in order to accept a project or job vacancy. During this part the payment plan is defined. Payment is made through electronic transfers. Paypal, Payoneer, and other platforms might also be used depending on the company.
In Hatchers we also help mediating any issue that may occur. You can contact us via email at and we will help you clarifying things out.

Reach us at:

Av. del Roble 660, Valle del Campestre
C.P.66265 San Pedro Garza García, N.L.